Laser tag Budapest

Laser tag is a very intensive and very tactical sport. The players can play in teams or as individuals. 

Our new Laser Force system has over 40 game modes, live results and interactive game elements.

We can compare it to a dodgeball game you played at school.It is very important to know laser tag is a battle game but there is no physical contact between the players. You can use your personal skills like good reflexes and tactical sense very well during the games. During your missions, light and sound effects make the game even more interesting and challenging.
The equipment is controlled by a software so we can adjust the game rules according to the player’s needs and experience level.
Therefore laser tag is a great activity for everyone independently form their age.
At the end of every mission, you can check your results and your progress alongside with your team’s results.

Ask for you favourite music during the game!

You can player laser tag in any occasion. You can organize a kid’s birthday party or a company event as well as a bachelor and bachelorette party or a regular game with friends. School classes or sport clubs with discounted entry fees are welcome too. Please keep in mind our minimal age limit is 7. Under this age children can not us our arena

At Laser Force Arena you can try two different laser tag systems 

We have a vest and phaser and a helmet and phaser system waiting for you. Our equipments can be programmed by a computer so there are endless game scenarios which you can try. You can choos what fits you best by age or skills. We enter our players by nick names to our system so at the end of each round you can check your statistics on the TV screens (shots, hits, etc…). Our well trained game masters will be there for you to offer different game modes or program your custom needs.


Laser tag is a safe and enviroment friendly game what can be played indoor and outdoor.

Some of our systems are working in IR range some shoots real CLASS II laser beam. Both of our systems are certificated and totally safe for a human eye and body. Our outdoor equipment can be used anywhere without any serious safety procedure. It has no effect on the environment so it can be used in offices, woods, parks, etc… We allow players to play laser tag in our arena form age of 7.

 Laser Force Arena Duna Plaza

We have opened our arena at Duna Plaza at 2015 December. Two spearate fileds which can be opened together to a giant 900m2 arena, over 100 laser tag equipments from two manufacturers, UV lights, sound systems, two private rooms.  

Our Address: 1138 Budapest, Váci út 178 Duna Plaza II. floor.


Laser Force Arena anywhere

As the Intager Raptor IIS can be used indoor and outdoor we also fullfill the outdoor needs if needed. Laser tag can be a great add on to company parties or birthday events as well. The equipments are easy to use and install and they can be delivered fast to anywhere. We also offer inflatable bunkers to build up temporary fileds.

Lézerharc Debrecen

Our equipments

We use the Intager Raptor II S system in our arena at Debrecen. This is a Hungarian made professional laser tag system which fulfills all the safety rules which has main importance for us.

Intager Raptor puska

Intager Raptor II

150 metes shoting range. Custom player roles (soldier, medic, sniper). Change your clips, throw grenades or heal you allys.


Intager Raptor II headband

360 degree coverage with 12 sensors, no wires, 8 hours gameplay, hit feedback. It comes with a helmet paired with the laser tag marker.

Lézerharc medic box

Intager medic box

Special base which can revive you in certain game modes.

Lézerharc Debrecen

Laser Force equipments

The Laser Force laser tag system was inplemented to our arena at 2018. At the moment we have 20 sets. Laser Force equipments are the top of the line in the laser tag industry. The system is online so you can follow what happens on the filed real time. Over 40 pre programmed game modes, interactive game elements, level up and achievement system with RFID cards. Your results are saved so you can follow the leveling up where you left last time.

Laser Force puska

Laser Force phaser

3 colours laser beam. Button press special ability activation (missile, rapid fire, shiled, etc...). Real time report during the game about lives, shots and results.


Laser Force vest

The in-built computer in your vest supports you during the games. It informs you about the present results of the game, notice the level ups and achievements unlocks, warns you if an opponent is close by to you. It gives you tips what special moves you can do in certain missions and informs you if a special ability is ready to use.

Laser tag Budapest